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Healthy Vision Habits

by Elizabeth Abraham ‘There are as many hours in the day to use the eyes well as to use them badly.’  W. H. Bates MD Our eyes, like every other part of our body, function better or worse depending on how we use them. But what are we taught about how to use our eyes?… Continue Reading

Seeing from the Core

When we don’t see well, we try harder; we squint and strain.  If you know this experience, you know your eyes feel like they “bug” out, as if you are squeezing your entire head to grab onto what you are seeing.  The effect is that instead of seeing from the center of our head, we… Continue Reading

Nutrition to Improve Your Vision

Nutrition to Improve Your Vision

Nutrition is a key factor in keeping a healthy visual system throughout life. The eyes and brain contain millions of highly specialized cells, which have specific nutritional requirements. You can help prevent eye diseases and promote healthy, clear vision by Continue Reading